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How does the nirvana heat pump work?

A heat pump transfers heat from the air to the water in the pool. A compressor heats the Freon which circulates within the titanium coil and transmits this warmth to the water through a heat exchanger. The process is secure and economical.

Why choose this type of heating?

The monetary savings alone are substantial. The operating cost is a fraction of the price of other heating modes and provides up to 640% efficiency (COP of 6.4) at high temperature and 460% (COP of 4.6) at low temperature. The process used in Nirvana heat pumps (thermodynamics) ensures the creation of a CLEAN and SAFE energy addressing environmental concerns.

Do I have to cover the swimming pool with a solar blanket?

A solar blanket is always recommended to maximize heat conservation during cooler nights.

What will it cost me to operate a Nirvana heat pump for a summer?

To maintain the heat of a 14? x 28? swimming pool at 80 ° F from May till September with a Nirvana heat pump, the cost would be approximately $482.70 versus $4 800.89 for propane, $4 466.20 for oil, $1 649.26 for natural gas, and $3 004.58 for electricity.

Up to what temperature is the Nirvana heat pump considered efficient?

The Nirvana heat pump will maintain its level of effectiveness up to 9 degrees C (48° F). Below this temperature, it will operate but with decreased efficiency.

Is the heat pump always on?

The Nirvana heat pump is operated by a temperature control system that maintains the water temperature at the selected temperature.

How long does it take to heat the pool?

That depends on the size of the pool and the initial temperature of the water. But once the right temperature has been reached, the Nirvana pump will only operate when necessary.