Silensor SLL Series Pumps

Silensor SLL series pool pumps- the strong silent type

  • The Silensor pumps are compatible with all types of pool and spa.
  • Effective with all water treatment systems (chlorine, salt, etc.).

The Silensor pumps transmit between 2500 and 4000 BTUs of heat to the pool water per hour, a significant amount compared to competing pumps that dissipate that heat into the ambient air.

Advantages of SLL Series

High efficiency resulting in real savings

The Silensor pump consumes about half the energy than the most popular pump of our main market. In addition, the patented water cooling system of the pump transfers the heat of the pump’s motor into the pool. This energy recovery provides a distinct advantage over competing products, which are cooling their motor by dissipating heat into the ambient air. The Silensor therefore provides additional heating to the pool at no additional cost.

In short, the Silensor not only cost less to run than the alternatives but also recycles part of that electricity cost into heat for the pool.

Quiet Operation

The patented technology of the Silensor pump allows a great part of the motor’s noise to be absorbed by the water circulating around it, which lets you and your surroundings enjoy a peaceful and quiet time. The Silensor has no noisy fan, and can therefore be installed in an enclosed area such as a garden shed as it does not need fresh air to cool off. The result is the quietest pump.

Built-In reliability in the design.

The Silensor pumps are manufactured with high quality materials. The housing is made of UV stabilized plastic and the internal parts are in stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The pump is also equipped with an oversized basket of 4.5L (275 in3 US) in order to avoid jams. The design of the Silensor ensures its reliability, and frees you to enjoy your pool in peace and tranquility.

Product developed by Davey

The Silensor pumps are manufactured in Australia by Davey, a manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in pumps. Over 100,000 have been sold worldwide since 2007.

SSL Series Specs

Model number SLL150 SLL250 SLL300 SLL200
Power (P1 – HP) 1.2 1.6 2 1.5
Consumption (w/h) – 50ft total head 870 1240 1490 1140
Amperage Draw (50ft head) 3.7 5.4 6.2 9.5
Voltage 240 240 240 120
BTU Generated 2500 3100 4000 2700

Explanation Annual Consumption

1 Compared with the most popular 1.0hp pump which consumes 7.0 amps at240v – 7.0 * 240 = 1680w * 24h/day * 150days * 0.0912$/kwh = 551.58$

2 Compared with the most popular 1.5hp pump which consumes 8.5 amps at 240v – 8.5 * 240 = 2040w * 24h/day * 150days * 0.0912$/kwh = 669.77$

3 Compared with the most popular 2.0hp pump which consumes 10.0 amps a 240v – 10 * 240 = 2400w * 24h/day * 150days * 0.0912$/kwh = 787.97$

4 Explanation – Heating – Compared with an electric resistance heater:

1 btu = 0.2928 watts/h

– 2500btu = 732w/h = 0.732kwh * 0.0912$ = 0.0667$/h =1.60$/day * 150 days = 240.33$

– 3100 btu = 908w/h = 0.908kwh * 0.0912 = 0.0828$/h = 1.99$/day * 150 days = 298.11$

– 4000 btu = 1171w/h = 1.171KWH * 0.0912 = 0.1068$/h = 2.56$/day * 150 days = 384.46$

– 2700btu = 790w/h = 0.790kwh * 0.0912$ = 0.072$/h =1.73$/day * 150 days = 259.37$

Product Warranty

Canada 3 years
USA 2 years

All SILENSOR SLL 250, SILENSOR SLL 300, and SILENSOR PRO pumps must be connected to a strait rigid 2’’ in diameter by 8-12’’ in length pipe.
This installation instructions must be respected in order to keep the validity of the warrant