Water-cooled Technology

Total control, exceptional performance
Real efficiencies, real savings

  • Variable speed pump with up to 80% in performance savings
  • Generates up to 3000 BTUs per hour to heat your pool
  • Designed for pools and hot tubs of all types
  • Compatible with all water treatment systems

The Silensor PRO offers

The Silensor PRO offer the pool owner or operator total control over the speed at which the pump operates from 1,500 rpm to 3,600 rpm with an easy to use dial. Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibration, and allows for super-quiet operation at all speeds, your neighbors won’t even know it’s there. The Silensor PRO also features a selectable backwash cycles that runs the pump for 2 minutes at 3,800 rpm before automatically turning off to safely, reliably and easily backwash you media filter. Silensor PRO also incorporates unique loss of prime protection to prevent pump damage if no water is available to the pump.

Furthermore, by water-cooling the motor, the Silensor PRO does not require air circulation and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning. The pump is also equipped with an oversized basket of 4.5L (275 in3 US) in order to avoid jams.

As well as it does not require ambient air to cool the motor off it is dust proof, ideal in locations with lots of sand and dust.

For the utmost in energy efficiency and savingsConnect the Silensor PRO to the NIrvana Heat pump

With a relay kit (sold seperately), the pump will run at full speed when the heat pump is running to maximize efficeincy of the combined system. It will automatically return to low speed setting when the heat pump turns off to further save electricity .

The Silensor PRO Specs

Model SVP200
Power (W / P1 – HP) 116W/0.16hp (Dial 1)
448w/0.65HP (Dial 5)
1000w/1.34HP (Dial 10)
1316w/1.76HP (backwash)
Voltage 240
Motor Speed (rpm) 1500-3600
Backwash (rpm) 3800
BTU Generated 300 to 2700


Product Warranty

Parts and labor
4 canada

All SILENSOR SLL 250, SILENSOR SLL 300, and SILENSOR PRO pumps must be connected to a strait rigid 2’’ in diameter by 8-12’’ in length pipe.
This installation instructions must be respected in order to keep the validity of the warranty