Efficiency in water treatment

NIrvana is proud to introduce the next level of media filtration

Efficiency in water treatment, Nature Works Hi-Tech Glass Filter Media® is a high-tech filtering medium designed for filtration systems designed and developed by the Camacho Group’s R + D + I department. Its characteristics guarantee the best performance permanently.

The use of Nature Works Glass Filter Media allows an immediate improvement in the water filtration system, the investment is amortized in a short time. In addition, unlimited cost savings are achieved over time thanks to the drastic reduction in the use of chemicals, water and energy.

Advantages of Nature Works filter glass

The benefits of Nature Works filter glass are accredited by numerous studies and certifications.


Increase in filtration quality and noticeable reduction in the number of backwashes required thanks to the Anti-Compaction Technology®.


By using a single granulometry, it can be reused indefinitely in case of filter breakage.


Reduction in the consumption of water, energy and chemical products.


Manufactured from flat virgin glass with a purity level of 99.999% or higher, accredited by the Bureau Veritas certification.


Granulated polyhedral glass free of pores or sharp edges.

Savings and return on investment

Thanks to the revolutionary Anti-Compaction Technology® Nature Works is the only filtering media that can last forever,
and it is the only one that can be completely reused in case of filter breakage.

Energy saving

The MC2® Calibration Technology has been designed to keep the microchannels formed inside the filter medium open, avoiding the compaction caused by the filtering and washing process. When the microchannels remain unlocked and free of particles, the pressure drop remains at its minimum level. The water flows easily through the filter medium contributing to a better performance of the entire hydraulic system.

Saving water

At a lower level of compaction, greater retention capacity and increased time between washes. In addition, the amount of water necessary to dispose of the particles retained by the filter medium is reduced. Nature Works uses approximately 1/8 of the amount of water needed to carry out a standard washing process, compared to silica sand as a filtering medium.

Chemical savings

Bacteria proliferate in the filter medium and to combat them it is necessary to use a huge amount of chemical products, which attack the biofilm in a little or nothing effective way. The Nature Works grains provide a smooth microscopic surface that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, which are unable to adhere to the grain walls, fail to generate biofilm.