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A group of dedicated pool lovers located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, we’re high-end pool and heat pump manufacturers from the Far North. For almost 20 years, we have been building quality pumps to better enjoy our short summer months, and quality heaters to extend them.

Our love for endless pool days has led us to become the best pump builders in the world, with unrivaled energy efficiency and silent performance design. Immediately recognizable for the care and craftsmanship that distinguishes us from all others, we love nothing more than sharing our sunny pool days with neighbours at home and abroad.

Why We’re Different

Everyone Deserves
a Pool Day

At the heart of our production and testing facility, we built an indoor pool. Used for innovative experimentation, rigorous scientific testing, and our favorite real-life applications, it became more than just an excuse for our preferred form of research—it became the guiding light for our policies as well. At home and at work, we care for everyone around our pools. Our craftspeople are no exception. Neither are you.

How You Know It’s Us

Not Just an Experience, with Us It’s Personal

We know that when somebody needs help by the pool, it needs to be fast and effective, so our product support is no different.

Though our heat pumps are both easy to install and to maintain, our technical support team is always available to offer any necessary support. Even in cases requiring further analysis, our in-house laboratory and testing facility allows us to respond promptly.

Why It’s About You Too

It’s Bigger Than Our

The truth is undeniable—we may love our pools, but we love our planet even more. Since the very beginning, we have worked hard to create pumps that don’t only challenge the industry’s best, but do so at a fraction of the energy costs. No matter how much we optimize our products though, we will always strive to do more.

Our heat pumps, perfected by thermo-dynamic technologies, pull energy from the ambient air to meet the needs of consumers, as well as the planet. Simply put, we design for more than just the pool, we design for your family, your world.


Peformance and quality
you demand

Heat exchangers

Our unique double coil heat exchanger is manufactured out of titanium to produce optimal heat transfer while resisting corrosion and erosion. It is excellent for all common pool chemical systems.


Scroll compressor technology equips Nirvana pumps with unparalleled efficiency, making them quiet, sustainable, and reliable. Its multi-functionality is part of what makes us different.

Thermostatic valves

Our expansion valves maximize performance by constantly regulating the supply of refrigerant throughout your pump. It’s just another example of how we put the best into everything we do.

Smart Fans

Adjusting automatically to maximize efficiencies and results, it secures the balance between performance and acoustics. As with all our components, it’s just another reason to enjoy your pool.


Ultra resistant
Composite cabinet

Provides durability and easy care

Swept wing
fan blades

Designed to reduce noise

Oversized Blue
Fin evaporator

For better performance

acoustic cover

Protects and reduces noise


Clean and efficient

control board

Easy to use


Electronic and intelligent

heat exchanger

Insulated for more performance

system discharge

Insulated to increase performance

The AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is a voluntary program, administered and governed by AHRI, which ensures that various types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating products perform according to manufacturers’ published claims. Products that are certified through the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program are continuously tested, at the direction of AHRI, by an independent third-party laboratory, contracted by AHRI, to determine the product’s ability to conform to one or more product rating standards or specifications.

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CSA Group is recognized and accredited in the U.S. by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which lists us as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), enabling us to test your products against the U.S. standards written or administered by organizations including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CSA Group (CSA), NSF International (NSF) and other organizations.

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The CE certification is mandatory for many products. It confirms that a product has been assessed before reaching the market and meets European requirements on safety, health and environmental protection. Via this website, the European commission informed economic agents and consumers for affixing the CE marking on product procedures.

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