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Your pool is the one personal vacation that you can enjoy forever - We make sure it’s always ready for you

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More than just a heat pump

Your pool, your pleasure

Life is always better with those warm, blue waters by your side. So, we create pool pumps that keep your little bowl of heaven just as warm, and as clear, as you first imagined it.

It isn’t just because of our pride, reputation, and experience, that we build exceptional pumps for people around the world. It’s also because we have pools too, and we love them like you do.

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More sun, less worries

Built for today, designed
for tomorrow

Heat exchangers

Our unique double coil heat exchanger is manufactured out of titanium to produce optimal heat transfer while resisting corrosion and erosion. It is excellent for all common pool chemical systems.


Scroll compressor technology equips Nirvana pumps with unparalleled efficiency, making them quiet, sustainable, and reliable. Its multi-functionality is part of what makes us different.

Thermostatic valves

Our expansion valves maximize performance by constantly regulating the supply of refrigerant throughout your pump. It’s just another example of how we put the best into everything we do.

Smart Fans

Adjusting automatically to maximize efficiencies and results, it secures the balance between performance and acoustics. As with all our components, it’s just another reason to enjoy your pool.