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F Series – Quality and unrivaled energy efficiency.

High quality Components

At Nirvana, the quality of our products is a priority. Our goal is to provide a worry-free experience. Design to perform even in the northern climes, the units are manufactured with high-end parts that allow for an exceptionally long product life. A Corrosion protection coating is also applied inside the machine to ensure the proper functioning of components overtime.

Low noise.

The noise level of the our heat pumps are a constant concern for Nirvana, several innovations are already included in our design to reduce the noise level. The compressor’s acoustic cover, the design of the fan blades and the fiberglass cabinet substantially limits the noise nuisance. That being said, the Nirvana heat pumps maintain a sound level that varies from 53 to 57 decibels.

Precise and user-friendly digital Control Panel.

The Nirvana digital control panel allows you to adjust temperature of the pool water with precision, thus ensuring a constant water temperature while maximising the energy efficiency of the heat pump. The Nirvana heat pump is also compatible with pool management systems or with our wireless control option.

Functional and Aesthetic design.

In addition of its role of noise reduction, the fibreglass casing of the Nirvana heat pump offers several advantages. Specially designed for an easy maintenance, it was also conceived to allow a quick and simple installation. The casing won’t fade, is corrosion resistant and is of unparalleled robustness. It is so well built that we provide a 15 years warranty on it.

A simple and effective remote management

The Wi-Fi remote control is an option on all Nirvana heat pump models.

This option allows to manage remotely several features of your Nirvana heated pool via your smart phone, tablet or computer.

  • Verify and adjust the temperature of your pool or spa.
  • Enable and disable filter (optional)
  • Adjust the filtration cycle per day (optional).

Download the application: 

Parts and labor3 years*
Compressor5 years*
Titanium coil10 years limited*
Cabinet15 years limited*

*See additional details with your local dealer.

Instruction manual